40 Cleaner Years - Hug Engineering

Celebrating 40 Years of innovation and dedication: HUG Engineering’s Anniversary


In the world of business, reaching a 40-year milestone signifies resilience, dedication, and excellence. HUG Engineering, a global leader in exhaust aftertreatment solutions, epitomizes these qualities. Founded in 1983, Hug Engineering pioneered the world's first Urea-based DeNOx system in 1988 and equipped their first vessel in 1992. They then ventured into depollution solutions for high-horsepower engines, expanding to trains, yachts, and power plants. Acquisitions by ElringKlinger in 2011 and Faurecia in 2018 didn't deter their commitment. Since 1983, Hug Engineering has been dedicated to improving air quality in the marine, power generation, and railway sectors by significantly reducing engine pollutant emissions.

"Knowing the past, anticipating the future, and acting in the present is the key to long-term success! I want to thank all colleagues around the HUG world for their dedication and passion in the last 40 years," says Fabien Milanesi, General Manager of HUG Engineering.


With celebrations spanning different locations, HUG Engineering recently marked four decades of innovation and success.

In Switzerland, the company showcased its commitment to environmental sustainability through a tree planting ceremony at its home base with in total 180 guests. The event featured the creative technical redaction team, unveiling the "Huggy Sunrise" drink, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, to mark the occasion. Families enjoyed a dedicated children's corner, and the founding father himself Hans-Thomas Hug delivered a heartfelt speech. Esteemed speakers like Jean Pierre Schmitt, FCM Member in charge of Hug, Fabien Milanesi, GM HUG Engineering, Kosta Dimitriadis, Supply Chain & Production Director HUG and Daniel Schmid, the president of the municipality Elsau, added their voices to the celebration.

Celebration in Elsau


In the Netherlands, HUG Engineering celebrated with colleagues and their families at a local restaurant. The atmosphere was relaxed and festive, embodying the company's ethos. Around 50 attendees enjoyed a delightful evening, emphasizing the unity and shared success of the HUG family. 
In Germany, an unconventional setting at the Africambo Zoo in Magdeburg set the stage for a family-friendly celebration. Colleagues with families, along with 10 children, gathered for a day of adventure, starting with cake and coffee. A guided zoo tour allowed attendees to connect with nature, followed by an option to play mini-golf. The evening featured a delicious meal with exotic African dishes. Uwe Schmidt, the former managing director of Hug Engineering GmbH, shared insights into the company's history, adding depth to the celebration.

The team in Italy celebrated HUG Engineering’s 40th anniversary with a golf competition to fostered camaraderie among colleagues on the course. Followed by an evening of festivity, including great dinner and a spectacular fireworks display. 

In the US, the team celebrated with a fun-filled afternoon at Back 9 Golf with golf games, appetizers, and drinks. Afterward the evening the group of 13 colleagues with four colleagues traveling from Switzerland thoroughly enjoyed delicious locally sourced dishes for dinner.  

All in all, the 40th-anniversary celebrations around the HUG world were a resounding success, filled with unforgettable moments and shared joy. With colleagues and partners from near and far, all teams marked this significant milestone with gratitude for the past achievements and excitement for the future ahead. As we continue our commitment to innovation and environmental excellence, these memories will serve as a testament to the dedication and passion of the HUG Engineering family over the past four decades!