Zoom on the Mission Critical Diesel Particulate Filter: Data Center market trends

Zoom on the Mission Critical Diesel Particulate Filter: Data Center market trends

Power Generation

A growing Data Center market
Because of an increase of the digitizaltion and of new technologies, by 2026 the Data Center services market will speculate an increase of  116%.

Data center plants will proliferate and evolve in emission sensitive areas as urban districts. In these areas, emission regulations tend to become extremely stringent. 

Energy consumption

Data Centers infrastructures consume yearly approximately 202 terawatt-hours of electricity or nearly 1%3 of global electricity demand.

When emergency gensets are installed to provide uninterruptable power, emission control systems are required to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Exhaust emissions
Data centers contribute to 0.3%3 of all global CO2 emissions and emit toxic pollutants (nitrogen oxides - NOx, particulate matter - PM) through the combustion of fossil and/or green fuels.

Gas engines, powering such applications, are required to meet stringent NOx requirements, and regulations are tending to apply the same rates to Diesel engines.

Our Solution: the Mission Critical Diesel Particulate Filter

  • Global regulations & local air permit compliant
  • Enabling EPA T4F, Stage V compliance
  • Prevention of any visual impact and odor impact from engine exhaust
  • Abatement of Particulate Matter, Hydrocarbons, noise and exhaust opacity​
  • Low passive regeneration temperature – starting at 260˚C thanks to patented coating
  • Friendly maintenance and safe operation 




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