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Total Customer

Hug Engineering’s global approach to Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) covers the whole value chain from innovation and program development to industrial excellence and aftersales.

Our key focus

Our approach goes beyond the traditional performance measures of quality and delivery and encompasses measures of perception on all dimensions of our relationship. Hug Engineering systematically implements action plans to improve customer satisfaction and develop sustained customer loyalty. Operational excellence is a core component of Hug Engineering's industrial activity and customer relationships. 

A worldwide presence 

Using a global distribution network, Hug Engineering is present in the international market. This guarantees constant and prompt customer support in terms of sales, service maintenance, quality, and spare parts availability.

Strict quality criteria

We are working hard to provide reliable and customized products. We are committed to meeting very stringent quality standards for our own production, sourced components and spare parts, with all our key components products are developed, designed, and produced in house. 
We have adapted our expertise to each customer, market, and application: Marine, Power Generation and Rail.


Our service

We attach a great value on aftersales and supporting the product lifecycle. Our internal Hug Service teams and our partners allow us to ensure a global maintenance service everywhere and every time. To deliver the best-in-class service to our customer, we developed hug connect: a digital solution capable of connecting, remotely monitoring and upgrading any aftertreatment system. 


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