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Discover our best-in-class reliable aftertreatment solutions for ensuring continuous service available for new vessels or older, retro-fitted vessels. Transport passengers everywhere safely and in a clean way with Hug Engineering.

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Meet the IMO Tier III regulation

With our products you can sail in any of the Emission Control Areas (ECA) defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Our Selective Catalyst Reduction system (SCR) reduces NOx up to the latest IMO Tier III regulation and beyond. This system is one of the most compact in the market and switchable outside of the ECA zones. 

Meet the IMO Tier III regulation Hug Engineering compliance
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Go beyond regulations

With our custom-made solutions we can reduce emissions even further. No pollutants in the environment and even having a clean deck, is possible with our active regenerated Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which reduces black carbon emissions by more than 98%.

This product has the highest ash tolerance in the industry, meaning low maintenance costs during its lifetime. Even reduced Hydrocarbon odour is possible with our taylor-made catalysts.

Go beyond regulations with Hug Engineering solutions

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