Zero emission Hug Engineering

Zero emission

Climate change is the key challenge of our time. We must act today to create a sustainable path for zero emission technologies. That is why Hug Engineering is already on the move for a clean tomorrow, working on alternative and innovative solutions to protect our environment and the generations to come. 

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Hydrogen storage system

With our parent company, Faurecia, we can provide complete Hydrogen Storage System integration for high horsepower applications. Faurecia created a global center of expertise for hydrogen in Bavans, France. In this center of expertise Faurecia develops the next generations of smart, lightweight and cost-competitive hydrogen storage systems (350 and 700 bars). These tanks are produced in 3 production sites around the world (France, China and Korea).

Hydrogen storage system Hug Engineering
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Hydrogen stack system

Symbio, a joint venture between Faurecia and Michelin, designs and produces hydrogen systems. With its unique expertise, Symbio has been working for more than ten years on hydrogen technology and its integration into vehicles which have covered more than three million kilometers.

Hydrogen stack system Hug Engineering