Continuous duty Power Generation

Continuous duty

Discover our best-in-class reliable aftertreatment solutions for continuous duty applications based on fossil and renewable fuels. Have the cleanest constant operation of your plants with Hug Engineering. 

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Optimize TCO

Continuous duty is the most challenging operational profile to deliver a sustainable TCO: extreme performance enduring for long intervals, minimal consumption of reagents and utilities, still with the highest availability and least maintenance. We meet all the above with a competitive capital expenditure to make the sure the initial investment is viable across the entire supply chain.

Optimize TCO Hug Engineering
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Customized systems

Whether your plant is running on bio or fossil fuels, for cogeneration, trigeneration, renewables, off-grid applications, either as single unit or as an array of multiple engines, we have a wide range of designs available for structures, catalysts and control systems to comply with most stringent emission legislations, wide fuel specifications and engine manufacturers (OEM) requirements. 

Customized systems Hug Engineering

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