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Discover our best-in-class reliable aftertreatment solutions for Peaker applications based on gas and liquid fuels. Let Hug Engineering help you achieve the cleanest on-demand operation of your plants when renewables cannot sustain the energy needed. 

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Size matters

We develop and produce the largest reactors, dosing and injection systems to serve engines up to 20MW running on gas, Diesel and dual fuel. Utility supply and plant layout can be optimized to easily fit large engines batteries up to any scale.

Size matters Hug Engineering
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Sophisticated control system

In order to meet any global and local regulations, our dosing system leverages a sophisticated control architecture which also fits the most challenging operative scenarios. Nested control loops allow achievement of ultra-low emissions levels while in a dynamic load profile, with short start-up cycles and with multiple fuels.

Sophisticated control system Hug Engineering

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